New emotes!

Hey all! New emotes came out!! Pretty exciting seeing we haven't had new ones for years!

Here are all the emotes!
But yeah! So thats pretty much it, and also the new street art in the middle of cafe street is also awesome!

Im so glad the team has decided to add some new things into the game that we havent seen before, (new music aswell!)

Thats all for now!

Agent Poll! | Contests! | Forum legends!

Hey all! How is everyone? Im back from Melbourne and there has been plenty of news while I have been gone, here it is!

Agent poll!

First off, there is a new agent poll! 
So, you have an option between
  1. Harvey
  2. Melon
  3. Oldryan6872
  4. And me!
Remember, vote for whoever would make a great agent, and If you suspect cheating from anyone of these people, please report to staff.

Vote here!

Forum Legends!

Secondly, there are 6 new Forum legends!

  • Muro
  • Neighborhood
  • Blaine
  • Katara
  • Natsu
  • Monoxide

If you see any of these people in game, make sure to say congrats!

Contest Results and New contest!

So! the contest results for the Garbage collector have came through and the top 3 winners are! 
  1. Plinfalie
  2. Melon
  3. Fadifa
1st place won 7days of Citizen and 5k bugs
2nd place won 5 days of citizen and 3.5k bugs
3rd place won 3 days of citizen and 2k bugs!

We have a chess competition going on currently that will last untill the 9th!
you have plenty of time!

Good luck!

July Journalists!

Hey all! With July coming quickly the staff has decided to release a new journalist program for the people who want to enter! I am really excited to enter again, I have summer-fied my blog and I hope its alright :)
Here are the requirements!
  1. Publish your own content on your blog! use your own words!
  1. Be active in the community - in game. Help people, be nice, be aware of all updates and recent news in game, reply to tweets from the Official Twitter, and Official Facebook!

And here are the rewards! 
  • You get a badge for your awesome journalism!
  • You will receive an awesome feather
  • You will have your blog on the blogroll on the official chobots blog!
  • You also get a chance to write your very own blog post for the official blog!!

If you are selected to be a journalist, only the main owner of the blog will receive prizes. The authors or partners will not be rewarded.If you want to become a Journalist you must be posting at least every 2 weeks and also be active!

So yeah! Thats all guys, good luck to all entering, I wish you all the best of luck.

(I am actually going away to compete in a tournament this weekend so I wont be online :( Ill catch yall when I come back!)

Seeya next post!

New Contest! - Recap!

Hey all! Get your gloves ready, Garbage Collector Contest started today! Right after the party!

This is awesome!

And here is the recap of todays beach party! It was a load of fun, thank you mods!

Gift for everyone online!


If you were online a few mins ago, you couldn't actually get in game, the staff were performing updates. One of the updates were to make the chat log more readable, the staff agreed and we got a more readable chat bubble! Its now just white instead of a transparent color that many chobots found hard to read chat, especially if someone is behind it.

If you havnt already, please participate in the blog comp thats going in ran by Gizmo :)

Thanks for reading! Thats all for now. Have a good day <3


Are you a Smart Chobot?

Hi Guys,

Intelligence isn't hard, it's difficult no doubt about it. Don't forget how long a book takes to read, I must agree it's dull and time consuming. But today I'm going to test your knowledge towards Chotopia.

The winner will receive a Mystery Gift.

You can enter the contest by commenting in this post with the template and answers here:

Are you a Smart Chobot?
Do you have what it takes to be as smart as Cho-Prof?

Chobots Username:

1. What time period did the Montgolfier Brothers invent the first manned flight?

2. How many games are there in the Gamezone?

3. What Moderator has a name beginning with S_____?

Hint: Sylva isn't the answer. ;)

4. True or False? The original game creator of Chobots was Vayersoft.

                                  TRUE               FALSE

Hint: Bolden the one that could be correct.

5. Who invented the telephone? 

6. What does 50 days in Chotopia mean to you?

A. How long you've been on.
B. 1st Birthday of your Chobot.
C. When the Cho-Apocalypse begins.

Hint: Bolden the one that could be correct.

7. What should you not do at parties and events?

A. Swear at others at the party.
B. Fart in the middle of the crowd.
C. Ask for clothes rain. (and not Rain the Moderator)

Hint: Bolden the answer that could be correct. 

You all have until the 25th of June to complete this, I expect to see people to show result as I'd like to see how well you'd do: I just thought this would be a great way to see how smart you all are, I just know that even though the answers may not be right and you might not win, doesn't mean you can't try again in a future contest.

What do you think about this contest? I'm excited to see what result I get out of it.
Most of all I'm looking forward to the replies! 
If you have any questions besides entering the contest, then please leave a comment below!

Checkers Contest Results, Party Recap

Hello Guys,

With the party announced everyone got ready for the party, seconds before 9pm Chobots began to get excited: Then the magic of the party began to light up and an overwhelming party began.

We have result on The Checkers Competition. The winners have won themselves sweet prizes! This is the scoreboard:

-1st Place: 7 days of citizenship and 5,000 bugs
-2nd Place: 5 days of citizenship and 3,500 bugs
-3rd Place: 3 days of citizenship and 2,000 bugs

Congratulations to Sony, Dawn and Becookie who managed to accumulate an impressive amount of points!

Next we have news on the Game Night Party. The team at Chotopia had a good time with everyone who came to the party. There was magic, rain, and Sylva ended with a Quiz. There was so much at the party that everyone experienced an exciting party filled with cheer, not only was there magic and rain there was also music played at the background.

And we should give cheers to our top five competitors, who won last nights competition:

And Pineapple was missing from the picture, oh well.

They have won 5 days of citizenship, 5,000 bugs and a black game controllers!

I hope everyone had loads of fun during this special event, I sure did! Here is a review from Sylva:

Big round of applause for Sylva for that positive feedback! 

Also, don't forget there is still some contests left: Nichos Contest, Robots Contest and Forum Video Contest which are up until June 11th. Be sure to check them out, because there is still time left to participate in them.

What do you think about this party? I thought it was amazing, I want to thank everyone for coming! 
Have any questions? Leave a comment below!